“I’m late – but I don’t have a note from my mom.”

I have listened to countless students over the years who stood on one foot and then the other – trying to explain why they were late to school, late coming in from recess, and earnestly explaining their excuses for many other things.

The following entertaining excuse was aired by one of my talkative second graders, complete with lots of humorous details.

“I’m late this morning, but I don’t have a note from my mom.  She wanted to write it, but first she had to find some paper and then she had to find a pen.  The first two pens she tried didn’t work, and she couldn’t find another pen, so she told me to just go on to school so I wouldn’t be more late.”


“I’m reading it now and laughing all the way through.”    R.H.

“What an accomplishment, Susan!”    J.L.

“Going tor the book today. Loved the excuses on your blog… especially the one about the chewing gum.  lol”     D.W.

Want to read more?

Here’s a link to the book I AM Sitting Down, Teacher! on amazon.com

I am Sitting Down


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