Student Biographies Of Famous People

Hello Readers:

Thank you so much for the comments you’ve shared with me about your reactions to my book, I AM SITTING DOWN, TEACHER!  I’m happy the book has provided so many laughs for my readers.George Washington

One of the most entertaining aspects of teaching is reading students’ written reports. Here are a couple of funny excerpts from biographies my students wrote:

Alexander Graham Bell and his family moved to many different places.  They always went where they were going.”  (by Anita N.)

George Washington died in 1799 and never led another Army after that.”  (by Jenna R.)


More comments from people who have read the book:

“Your book has me laughing hilariously! Great job! It brings back a lot of memories from my teaching years!”    C.W.

“Just finished reading the book. My favorite was a note that you intercepted: “I hate you Jenny…never liked you…never will…you are a dork. Please tear up this note so I won’t get in trouble.”   M.M.

“I downloaded your book to my Kindle, and I just finished reading it last night. There are so many fun anecdotes in it. Thanks for the wonderful stories!”    S.M.


Here’s a link to the book on


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