Kids will say ANYTHING when their parents come for Open House

Hello Readers,

I’ve been enjoying the process of choosing samples from my upcoming book for this weekly blog. Here are two experiences that I’ve often laughed about. They are included in my book, I AM SITTING DOWN, TEACHER!

The frames of my new glasses were not adjusted properly, and as a result, they slipped down my nose several times a day. While reading something to my fifth graders, I inadvertently used my middle finger to push the glasses back into position. Always sensing an opportunity to entertain the class, one of my boys hollered, “Look! She’s giving us the finger!”

Since it was Open House Night, I cleared my desk of the usual paper piles so the area would be presentable for our guests. When one of my sixth graders, Philip, came in that evening with his parents, he took one look at my desk and said within earshot of several parents, “Wow! Your desk is clean. What happened?”

I will be adding more funny incidents from my book in a blog post once a week. If you are interested in reading the book, it will be available on in paperback and on Kindle and Kindle apps.

So when will the book be published? It will be SOON. I’ll alert you when the book is available or you can go to my new website:


Susan Hamilton


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