I’m late coming in from recess, but I couldn’t come until…

Hello !

I am excited to announce I’ve received word from the publisher that the paperback version of my book is now available on amazon.com

Title of book:  I AM Sitting Down, Teacher!

Author:  Susan E. Hamilton

If interested in getting a copy of the paperback book or the Kindle version, you probably know it is standard procedure to pay for purchases on amazon.com with a credit card.  However, if you are uncomfortable using your credit card online, a different way to pay is to purchase an amazon.com gift card from Fred Meyer or other retailer to buy items on Amazon’s website.

Below are some great “excuses” from students I’ve included in the book.  We all know it is natural for children to try to avoid getting into trouble when they have caused a problem.  (Let’s admit it….adults try to avoid it, too.) Kids are pretty good at making excuses at school to avoid unwanted consequences.  Here are two memorable excuses that made me laugh:

“Yeah, I broke the window in the music room. But it’s not my fault!”

“I’m late coming in from recess, but I couldn’t come until the recess teacher got done yelling at me.”

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