Oh, I didn’t bring this gum from home!

Hello !

As you certainly know, talking with children is often very entertaining. You never know what words will come out of their mouths! Here are a couple of funny conversations I had with my students:

One day, I caught one of my well behaved second-graders chewing gum while he was working on his math worksheet. I went to him and quietly reminded him that no gum chewing was allowed at school, and that he should not bring gum from home anymore. He gave me a somewhat surprised look and said, “Oh I didn’t bring this from home. I found it stuck next to the sink in the bathroom and I scraped it off.”

During writing time one day, Shara brought her pencil and paper to ask me, “What’s that wet stuff called that sticks to the window when it is warm inside and cold outside?” Before I could answer, Travis volunteered, “It’s constipation.”

I will be adding more funny incidents from my book I AM Sitting Down, Teacher! in a blog post once a week. If you are interested in reading the book, it will be available on amazon.com in paperback soon.

The book is available on Kindle and Kindle apps NOW at amazon. com. I got word from the publisher this week that the paperback book will be on amazon.com SOON. I’ll alert you when the book is available, or you can go to my new website: iamsittingdown.com

Susan Hamilton



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