Did you buy your glasses like that?


I am excited about the upcoming publication of my recently written humor book entitled I AM Sitting Down, Teacher! It is my latest book. Well okay, it’s also my first book.

I love seeing the humor in life, and in this book I’ve written all my funniest memories of years teaching elementary school. Countless times over the years my students have made me laugh with the unpredictable things they WRITE, SAY, and DO. In addition, I’ve been in charge of school talent shows and kindergarten programs that amused me greatly—and provided unforgettable entertainment for parents and grandparents. I’ve also led many parent-teacher conferences and had many field trips experiences that were unbelievably odd and laughable. This book covers it all!

I’ve been writing this book mentally for 30+ years. Turning 70 last year helped me realize I needed to actually WRITE it before I’m too old. (But really, is it possible to get TOO old when you have so many funny experiences to laugh about?)
(We pause while you think…)

Well, now that you’ve had the opportunity to ponder that philosophical question, I’d like to share a couple of the funny incidents I’ve written in the book to give you a taste of the many experiences that made teaching a lot of FUN.

One Christmas, one of my third-grade girls gave me a nicely wrapped gift. Inside was a hand-knitted pot holder. I thanked her warmly and told her I hadn’t expected Christmas gifts from students. She walked back to her seat saying, “That’s o.k. That pot holder didn’t sell at my mom’s bazaar booth last month, so we decided to give it to you.”

A new student was placed in my second-grade classroom who had evidently broken his eyeglasses because a piece of white tape was wrapped around the nose part. Later that day, I heard a curious girl in the class ask him, “Did you buy your glasses like that?”

I will be adding more funny incidents from my book in a blog post once a week. If you are interested in reading the book, it will be available on amazon.com in paperback and on Kindle and Kindle apps.

So WHEN will the book be published? It will be SOON. Stay tuned to this blog on my website, and I’ll alert you to the date the book will be available.


Susan Hamilton

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