What’s it REALLY like to be a teacher?

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Have you ever wondered what it’s REALLY like to be an elementary school teacher?  Well, here are a couple of my experiences that can tell you a lot.


Several times a year, I had to prepare detailed report cards for each student—and my personal life came to a screeching halt — every time.


After teaching for a few years, my husband and I decided to have our first child.  I already had a number of baby names I’d definitely eliminated — if you catch my drift.


I am happy so many of you have contacted me since reading the book to express your delightful comments about the book.  Thank you!

If you are interested in the book, it is available in paperback and Kindle and on Kindle apps.   Here is a link to the book on amazon.com.


“I’m late – but I don’t have a note from my mom.”

I have listened to countless students over the years who stood on one foot and then the other – trying to explain why they were late to school, late coming in from recess, and earnestly explaining their excuses for many other things.

The following entertaining excuse was aired by one of my talkative second graders, complete with lots of humorous details.

“I’m late this morning, but I don’t have a note from my mom.  She wanted to write it, but first she had to find some paper and then she had to find a pen.  The first two pens she tried didn’t work, and she couldn’t find another pen, so she told me to just go on to school so I wouldn’t be more late.”


“I’m reading it now and laughing all the way through.”    R.H.

“What an accomplishment, Susan!”    J.L.

“Going tor the book today. Loved the excuses on your blog… especially the one about the chewing gum.  lol”     D.W.

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Here’s a link to the book I AM Sitting Down, Teacher! on amazon.com

I am Sitting Down


What? His wife didn’t like him?

Chiild writing on worksheetIt is so interesting for adults to see a situation through the eyes of a child.  I had lots of fun opportunities to do that when I read my students’ biography reports each year.  They read information about their chosen person in encyclopedias and other books–and gathered the information on note cards.  Like all teachers, I emphasized that they must not copy material word for word from a book.  As a result, their reports had some funny interpretations.

Here is one of my favorites:

“Abraham Lincoln was a very popular president.  I’m pretty sure everyone liked him except his wife and John Wilkes Booth.”



As a friend of Susan’s, wife of a teacher, sister of a teacher and mother of one, I already bought 3 books to send out, and one on my Kindle. Good job, Susan!”


“Loved the book. If you have not ordered it folks, it is worth the time to do that.”


“The kids and I read the sample on Amazon and we were all laughing. This would be a great teacher gift!”


Here’s a link to the book on amazon.com



Student Biographies Of Famous People

Hello Readers:

Thank you so much for the comments you’ve shared with me about your reactions to my book, I AM SITTING DOWN, TEACHER!  I’m happy the book has provided so many laughs for my readers.George Washington

One of the most entertaining aspects of teaching is reading students’ written reports. Here are a couple of funny excerpts from biographies my students wrote:

Alexander Graham Bell and his family moved to many different places.  They always went where they were going.”  (by Anita N.)

George Washington died in 1799 and never led another Army after that.”  (by Jenna R.)


More comments from people who have read the book:

“Your book has me laughing hilariously! Great job! It brings back a lot of memories from my teaching years!”    C.W.

“Just finished reading the book. My favorite was a note that you intercepted: “I hate you Jenny…never liked you…never will…you are a dork. Please tear up this note so I won’t get in trouble.”   M.M.

“I downloaded your book to my Kindle, and I just finished reading it last night. There are so many fun anecdotes in it. Thanks for the wonderful stories!”    S.M.


Here’s a link to the book on amazon.com


Student Report: The President was…

Hello !

One of the most entertaining aspects of teaching kids is reading their reports on various subjects.  Here’s a comment one of my fourth graders wrote that makes me laugh every time I think about it.

“The president was half-English, half-French, and half-Irish.”

I am excited my book has finally been published!  Writing it brought back hilarious memories of my years teaching in elementary schools.  If you are interested, the book is available on amazon.com in paperback and on Kindle.  Here’s a link to the book on amazon.com


Comments by people who have read the book:

“This book was given to me as a gift and I found it delightful! Elementary teachers will relate to the antics of students in their classrooms and the sweet innocence of children. The author’s sense of humor and her obvious teaching skills are an inspiration.”   J.P.


“This was a delight to read.  It brought many smiles, quite a few chuckles, and even a tear or two from reading the notes from students.  It left me wanting more. Thank you for sharing.”   N.B.

I’m late coming in from recess, but I couldn’t come until…

Hello !

I am excited to announce I’ve received word from the publisher that the paperback version of my book is now available on amazon.com

Title of book:  I AM Sitting Down, Teacher!

Author:  Susan E. Hamilton

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Below are some great “excuses” from students I’ve included in the book.  We all know it is natural for children to try to avoid getting into trouble when they have caused a problem.  (Let’s admit it….adults try to avoid it, too.) Kids are pretty good at making excuses at school to avoid unwanted consequences.  Here are two memorable excuses that made me laugh:

“Yeah, I broke the window in the music room. But it’s not my fault!”

“I’m late coming in from recess, but I couldn’t come until the recess teacher got done yelling at me.”

Oh, I didn’t bring this gum from home!

Hello !

As you certainly know, talking with children is often very entertaining. You never know what words will come out of their mouths! Here are a couple of funny conversations I had with my students:

One day, I caught one of my well behaved second-graders chewing gum while he was working on his math worksheet. I went to him and quietly reminded him that no gum chewing was allowed at school, and that he should not bring gum from home anymore. He gave me a somewhat surprised look and said, “Oh I didn’t bring this from home. I found it stuck next to the sink in the bathroom and I scraped it off.”

During writing time one day, Shara brought her pencil and paper to ask me, “What’s that wet stuff called that sticks to the window when it is warm inside and cold outside?” Before I could answer, Travis volunteered, “It’s constipation.”

I will be adding more funny incidents from my book I AM Sitting Down, Teacher! in a blog post once a week. If you are interested in reading the book, it will be available on amazon.com in paperback soon.

The book is available on Kindle and Kindle apps NOW at amazon. com. I got word from the publisher this week that the paperback book will be on amazon.com SOON. I’ll alert you when the book is available, or you can go to my new website: iamsittingdown.com

Susan Hamilton